Welcome to Brilliant Sparklers

Welcome to Brilliant Sparklers Limited, come and view our stunning array of gemstones, from exquisite fine Sapphire pieces to perfectly polished Emerald Cabochons, we have a huge assortment of high grade gems sourced from across the globe, full of vivid colours, fine cuts and fabulous clarity.  We additionally have Natural Star Gemstones with incredible star reflection and amazing drilled or briolette gemstones for those business to business customers whom are looking to create fine jewellery designs.  Perhaps you are a collector of gemstones and are looking for a rare cat’s eye or you are seeking an unusual colour change gemstone, of a remarkable and rare nature boasting an optical effect.  Finally, we have a collection of fancy gems which are unique and bound to suit the elaborate collector.


What is a mineral?


Minerals are the chemical substances that make up rocks.  On our beautiful planet earth, everything that is not living material is made up of one or more minerals.  The Earth itself is one vast mineral collection, from its almost pure iron core to the immense variety of rocks in its crust.  Most minerals are sold and have a well defined chemical composition.  Many also have a predictable and fixed internal structure - their atoms are arranged in a particular way.


There are some minerals that people cannot help but find fascinating.  They are so beautiful and rare that, traditionally, they have been reserved for making jewellery or items designed to reflect their wearer’s power.  At certain times in history they have even been attributed supernatural qualities.  These minerals are known as gemstones.


Prized objects to collect


People have been collecting minerals for thousands of years. They were the first jewels and were used to make many of the earliest tools.  Even today, minerals and gemstones play an important role in our lives.  They are also fascinating in their own right, a well structured collection can be both beautiful and a great source of knowledge about the world around us.


Most gemstones are true minerals given up from the ground, but a few, such as pearls, are of organic origin.  Gemstones are used in jewellery and most are cut and polished to bring out their best qualities.  They are prized for their durability, beauty and rarity.  The most sought after gemstones are usually the rarest, the fewer three are of a certain type, the more valuable they become.  This is why they have become such great symbols of power.  Durability is another factor that increases their value.  The ability to withstand impacts from other materials without becoming scratched or otherwise damaged is part of their allure.  A gemstone combines rarity, strength and beauty in a single object.


Precious and Semi-Precious Stones


The term ‘precious’ stone is reserved for a few gem species, such as diamond, ruby and topaz.  The majority of gemstones, although equally beautiful, are called semi-precious stones, the different varieties of tourmaline and quartz are particularly prized.  Interest in gemstones has gone through countless highs and lows throughout history: for example, rock crystal, amethyst and jet were highly prized just a hundred years ago but they are now only used for costume jewellery.  

There are many things that can affect the value of gemstones, including fashion and the discovery of new deposits.